A portion of every item sold and proceeds made goes directly to employ and empower young adults with special needs and families with special needs children here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Recommended Products

I find myself regularly recommending these products for different things, whether for general wellness or a specific condition.  These are products that my family uses on a regular basis and I highly recommend.  These are also affiliate links and a portion of the sales made through these links help to support my family.  I hope that they help your family as well.  God Bless <3


Gut Health, Digestion, General Wellness...These Probiotics are Raw and very potent and only one time a day...I usually take in the morning on an empty stomach, but you can take at your convenience.  When I find myself feeling unwell or if my husband experiences joint pain I will take these twice in a day.  If someone is experiencing feelings of malaise I often recommend these first.

Sleep...these will knock out an elephant...fast. 

Cold and Flu...these little sugary tasting pellets work so well to quickly combat illness...I keep these stocked in my home and if anyone tells me they feel unwell they are already on hand.

Gentle but EFFECTIVE Constipation relief without stomach cramps...highly recommended in the Autism community...safe for children and adults


Decrease Cellulite, Improve Circulation in legs, decrease Varicose Veins, fabric does not thin, odor resistant, not see through...these are like a faja for the lower body and work well as a daily clothing item as well as a work out item.

After Meal Chewable to promote increased digestion and regular bowel movements..they are a sweet chewable


Palo Azul tea can be used for UTI treatment.  It is also referred to as Kidney Wood.  It has a very mild taste and turns a blue tint the longer it steeps.  The history behind the plant is very interesting if you want to research it.

These pills help you to quit smoking naturally and are also a lung detox.  Smokers can use one to three times a day at the beginning to help reduce cravings.  You may notice a small, ticklish cough develop at the beginning as the cilia in your lungs start to move again and push mucous up and out of your lungs.  This product combined with the Oxypowder pills listed above to combat constipation often present with smoking cessation really help to break the habit.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed these dryer balls...my family has sensitive skin and the dryer sheets and fabric softeners irritate their skin and noses...I add a few drops of lavender to these balls and they are good to go for several loads of laundry.  These also cut the drying time completely in half so they save you money as well!

This spray is excellent to help treat sore throat or tonsil issues...it doesn't really have a taste so its easy to give to those that have a finicky palate.

This nasal spray is excellent for to help treat sinus infections and ear infections...doesn't have a smell or taste.