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Leyenda All-Purpose Healing Lotion

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Leyenda All-Purpose Healing Lotion
Leyenda All-Purpose Healing Lotion
RECOMMENDED TO POSSIBLY LESSEN SYMPTOMS OF: Eczema, Psoriasis, Poison Oak/Ivy, Sunburn, Wound Care, Lymphatic Massage, Reduce Swelling of Extremities, Calm and Soothe, Colic, Pain Relief, Massage for Sore Muscles, Arthritic Pain Relief, Pain Relief for Patients with Cancer in Hospice, Sleep Aid, Headache, Cough, Cold and Flu Relief, Acne, Aging, Skin Yeast Infections, Cellulitis, Rash, Hives, Dry and Cracking Skin, Bruises, Wart Removal, Mosquito and Bug Repellent Safe for Infants (Fishermen love it too) 
This product is not intended to CURE but you may notice alleviation of symptoms and a feeling of well being with use of product.   
DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Using aseptic technique, apply thin layer to skin as needed and massage.  For swollen extremities, apply cream and massage in an upward motion towards to center of the body.  For wound care or wart removal, apply medium to thick layer of product prior to bandaging.  For wound care requiring medical supervision, first consult MD prior to use of product.  For headache, massage thin layer of product on hairline, temples and back of neck (avoid eyes).  For relief of menstrual cramping massage thin layer to lower abdomen and back area as needed.  Safe to apply prior to use of heating pad.  For mosquito repellent, apply thin layer to body prior to dressing to ensure complete coverage of body.  For Cough, Cold and Flu relief apply thin layer of product to chest, back and neck area three times a day or as needed.  
Product must be kept in glass or metal container.  Product may leave oil residue on clothes.  
INGREDIENTS: MCT OIL, OLEA EUROPAEA L., Paraffinum liquidum, aqua, beeswax, paraffin, theobroma cacao seed butter, sodium borate, lanolin, stearyl alcohol, fragrance, yellow 5 (CI 19140), yellow 6 (CI 15985), red 33 (CI 17200), red 40 (CI 16035),  BOSWELLIA CARTERII, LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA, MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA 

BOSWELLIA CARTERII: Pain relief, anticancer, supports reproductive health, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, expels excess gas, anti-rheumatic, encourages cellular rejuvenation and a healthy cell cycle, diuretic, expectorant, soothes cough, anti-arthritic, aids normal respiration, reduces appearance of scars and blemishes, wound healing, sedating, antidepressant, reduces anxiety, stress management, encourages emotional healing, supports meditation and focus, reduces loneliness, grief, fear, focuses attention

LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA: Skin healing, pain relief, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relieves burns and sunburn, immune supportive, anticancer, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal, antispasmodic, diuretic, nervine (calms and soothes the nerves), sedating, reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes, reduces fever, helps bruises and boils heal, helps relieve colic, helps relieve painful menstruation, encourages restful sleep, eases cough, helps relieve headache, balances blood pressure, relaxing, combats irritability, antidepressant, reduces anxiety, stress management, reduces fear, calms shock and panic attacks, encourages feelings of love  

MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA: Pain relief, antibacterial, sports injury recovery, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anticancer, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, expectorant, reduces hair loss, antiseptic, helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, helps burns heal, stimulates secretion of hormones, aids detoxification, helps boils, blisters and abscesses heal, helps remove warts, relieves insect bites, helps hemorrhoids heal, stimulates immune function, protects against radiation damage and helps radiation burns heal, eases cough, relieves shock, builds confidence, reduces feelings of oppression

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS YOUNGER THAN 6 MONTHS. Test small patch of skin on wrist prior to use to test for allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.  If sensitivity occurs please wash area with warm, soapy water and discontinue use. Do not ingest.  Advised to seek medical attention or contact poison control if accidentally ingested.  Not intended for Eyes.  If accidental application to eyes occurs, flush eyes with warm water and seek medical attention.  Do not use if Pregnant, intend to become pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

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